1. Wash car and dry thoroughly.
  2. Spray a light mist of Final Detail® WAX, one panel at a time.
  3. Buff evenly to a high shine, using a Wax Wizard Microfber towel.

FINAL DETAIL® Spray Wax is formulated by Car Buffs for Car Buffs to make waxing fast and easy. Now made with DuPontTM ZONYL® brand fluoroadditive for better oil and water repellency. Makes the surface of the paint slick and enhances the overall appearance. This product will help reduce staining from bird droppings and acid rain. No more hard rubbing. No more white residue. FINAL DETAIL® brings out a rich luster to the paint and gives the mirror-like finish that you have always wanted.


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. EYE AND SKIN IRRITANT. Avoid breathing mist Close container after each use. Wash hands after using. Do not reuse container. FIRST AID: In case of contact, immediately flush eyes and/or skin with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, call a physician immediately. Keep from freezing.

How long will the wax last?
Depending on how often you wash your car. (approximately 2 months or 8 to 10 washes)

Is it safe for all paint finishes?

Can I wax my car in the sun?
No, you should never wax your car in the sun. It makes finish streak. Why,? Hot Car and then Cool wax, not a great combo.

I notice sometimes there is a haze on my car after I wax it. How can I eliminate this problem?
Try using our new WAX WIZARD Micro fiber Towel to re-wipe the area that has hazed. The fibers pick up any excess wax and leave a no haze and no streak finish


Will it work on windows?
It is not designed to use on windows; however, it will not harm the glass.

Will the wax freeze if I leave it in my car?
Yes, it will. We suggest leaving the wax in the garage or basement.

I have an R.V. Can I use it on the fiberglass?
Yes, after you wash or clean the exterior first, it will protect the finish.

How long is the shelf life?
Approximately one year from date of purchase.

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FINAL DETAIL® Instant Wheel Brightener cleans wheels without scrubbing. Simply spray on and rinse off. This is an acid free, environmentally friendly wheel cleaner that is safe on all wheels, unlike harsh acid cleaners.


My wheels are chrome. Will it damage my wheels?
No, just make sure you hose it off right away.

Will the wheel brightener cut down on the brake dust from my brakes?
No, but it will help to keep your wheels cleaner when you do get brake dust.

Will it damage my paint?
No; however, you should rinse it off right away.

My wheels are really dirty from brake dust. Will the wheel brighter clean my wheels?
If your wheels are extremely dirty, try using a toothbrush in addition to using the wheel brightener.

Can I use the wheel brightener on my wheels if they are hot?
No, we recommend that the wheels should be cool. Could cause streaking.

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3 1/2 gallon

Our Detailer’s Kit contains our most popular products. Each kit contains: 20oz bottle of Instant Spray Wax, 20oz. Ultimate Tire Shine, 20oz. Instant Wheel Brightener, 64oz. Instant Wheel Brightener Refill and a 16″ x 24″ Microfiber Towel. Included with each kit is a 3.5 gallon wash/storage bucket. All the items you will need to keep your car looking like new.


Why should I use your Detailer’s Bucket, rather than my own bucket?
The Final Detail® Bucket is made of a rugged plastic material and can be used as a washing bucket or a storage container for all your products needed to detail your car, as it has a screw-on lid safe storage.

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Our Final Detail® Wash and Wax Kit contains 15 Sudz in Seconds™ tablets, 22oz Instant Spray Wax, Large Turtleback sponge, a 16″ x 24″ Microfiber towel, all contained in a 3.5 gallon wash/storage bucket.

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SUDZ IN SECONDS™ Car Wash Tablets makes washing your car fast and easy. No more messy liquids to measure. Simply open the wrapper and drop into a bucket of water. Sudz in Seconds™ quickly dissolves in water.

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FINAL DETAIL® Illuminator Tire Gel is an advanced gel formula for tires and rubber surfaces. It is a water based, environmentally friendly product that enhances the appearance of tires and other rubber surfaces for a long lasting, high gloss shine. This gelled tire gel will not sling as much as conventional tire dressings. This unique formula also contains optical pigments for a sparkling effect. These optical pigments can vary in color, depending upon the viewing angle.

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FINAL DETAIL® Superior Interior restores the original satin luster and beautifies leather in seconds. Protects leather from U.V. damage, cracking and fading. Superior Interior does not leave any oily residue or unnatural glossy shine. It is also formulated with a pleasant fragrance. Makes the Leatha Betta.

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A tough, durable, lint free drying cloth that can be used over and over. Use what professional detailers use in place of ineffective sponges, expensive natural chamois and terry towels that leave lint. Sucks Up Water Like A Large Mammal.

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